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What is Elite Ingredients?

Elite Ingredients

Elite Ingredients will serve the functional foods, beverages, sports, animal/pet, cosmaceutical, and nutraceutical markets. There will be an extensive array of products to meet the needs of the nutraceutical industry which includes over 4,000 ingredients from quality commodities to unique proprietary products. These ingredients come in a selection of product forms such as bulk powders, extracts, liquids, oils, tablets and soft gels.
With more than 20 years combined experience in sourcing all natural bulk ingredients from all over the world, Elite Ingredients has the connections to provide you with top quality bulk herbs and botanical extracts, nutraceuticals, and specialty ingredients direct from the source with significant savings over most local US ingredient suppliers.

We are an integral part of the industry that promotes good health and well-being in individuals’ lives.  Our goal is to provide seamless, fully integrated raw ingredients services at quality and price levels that meet or exceed our clients’ needs and expectations.  In our pursuit of ingredient excellence, we place customer satisfaction only next to uncompromising quality.  Where ingredient quality is concerned, Elite Ingredients will not compromise.  We deliver nothing but the best!  Even at this high level of quality control, we have the knowledge and capabilities to be sensitive and responsive to every aspect of our customers’ requirements of raw ingredients.

Our Mission

The mission of Elite Ingredients is to create and build one of the most influential companies that can source and provide any product that is being requested. The key ingredient to our success will be our committed push to be there for our customers at every level of support. From clinical trial backing to technical assistance to product consistency, the success of our customers is what will keep us growing.  Elite Ingredients thrives by making a firm commitment to its customers to stay ahead to the curve in this fast paced, always changing industry.

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