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Lorraine Aboughanam

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

LorraineLorraine Aboughanam’s experience in the nutraceutical field has enabled her to recognize improvements needed to redesign present business concepts.  She has created an innovative new approach that has changed the focus more towards customer satisfaction.  Her vision of opening a company quickly became a reality when she collaborated with the launch of Elite Ingredients, a nutraceutical company offering over 4,000 quality ingredients spanning the globe.

The combination of both her formal studies with a BA in International Business along with 11 years experience in the nutraceutical industry allows Lorraine to identify and build current business relationships in those markets not yet established.  She has been effectively working on obtaining distribution rights on elusive raw materials throughout the globe.  Her goal is to become the industry’s trusted leader in providing knowledge and awareness through strategic partnerships and allowing open communications with clients to identify production goals more clearly and increase effectiveness when working globally.